Saturday, May 26, 2012

You are not getting one drop of sweat from my balls

I was just talking to my boyfriend which by the way, if you want to keep in tune with my relationship, share your relationship experiences or feel want to grab up some relationship advice please visit my relationship blog "My Big Gay Boyfriend" and we shall all gain relationship knowledge together. Getting back the thought at hand, we were talking about things that happened in the past with us and the subject of a few old acquaintances came up,  Now, I used to get upset about this subject. It seems like people that are friends with my boyfriend have a problem with me but they never tell me to my face. They will tell my boyfriend but they won't tell me.

Here is one example, just a few minutes ago he was telling me about this friend of his we shall call Rico. My boyfriend told me they had a discussion and Rico said "Well, you know how I feel about Greg."  This person is not the only one that has said this. My boyfriend has told me about two other people that have said the same thing and one chick that he tells all our relationship business too, spreads our business in the street.

The whole point I am making here is that there use to be a time I would get upset about hearing news like this because these same people that is talking all this trash about me, are people I have helped in the past. I actually brought this subject up in recent posts called "How soon we forget where we come from" and "Why do people want to tear down happiness". Now, I don't totally blame these people because they hear lots of  info from my boyfriend. He has talked bad about me in the past and that was considered influential reports on my character but nobody has the balls to ask me about anything.

Here is how I look at it. These people are not my friends. These people are my boyfriend's friends and he does not want to get rid of them. Though they will constantly beat down on him for being with such a bad person like me (even though ever single one of these people talking bad about me I have helped personally) he won't get rid of them.

Now, I have told my boyfriend the God to honest truth, I am on a great path now with writing and other ventures I am pursing that brings me great joy. I am not forfeiting what peace I have trying to be around people that does nothing more than talk trash about me. I told him that I will not be around those particular people and any other person I find submersed in negativism for me, I am not going to do it and I don't have to do it. If he wishes to be around those people, he is a grown man he can do what he wishes but I wanted to make sure that before I set foot in the direction of moving back in with him, it was clear those people are going to stay away from me and I away from them.

Lastly, at one point it did get to me that these people would talk bad about me because you would think common sense would set in. A person that has helped you in the past, cannot be the sum of all the bad things you have heard. You would think there is some doubt placed in a person's mind in this scenario because they have witnessed the opposite end of all the bad things people said about me.

I am at a place in life where I got too many productive things going on and have too much confidence to give a crap about what people say about me, especially people that don't have a dignity or guts to tell me to my face. It is no sweat off my balls. If I could show you my balls, I would show you how you will not get one drop of sweat off of them regarding this matter.

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