Monday, May 7, 2012

Is it me or does Nancy Grace have a jackass button?

So, I am looking at my round robin of  HLN hard hitters and I come to the conclusion that Nancy Grace may not have a jackass button. She is intelligent, so takes no shit, she is a bitch but a jackass she may not be.

They are talking about this case where you have this rich land developer and he is on trial for his wife's death. The defense is claiming that she died from spray tan liquid because her death is undetermined. So she is laughing calling it the Spray Tan Defense.

I am thinking to myself "she is not a damn bit funny".  That is when I realized her and I are a lot alike. We just can't stand much bullshit and she definitely can handle her business. I am not a jackass or a bitch but get me in the right state of mind I can play one on TV.

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