Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Relationships need an translator sometimes

For the first time in four years I finally tried to talk to my boyfriend like an adult and I have no idea what just happened. He typed "I am always willing to give our relationship another chance." When I read a statement like that, it tells me he saw our relationship in the ending stages or he had it in his mind it was some type of finished.

Straight forward has always been the best type of communication to me but maybe I am wrong. Maybe some guys are from Barsoom and some are from Mars. (which by the way are the same planet) See what I mean? Sometimes you need a translator to turn various irrational emotions into a language that you can understand.

I typed back letting him know, if what he typed is how he felt then all he has to do is tell me the truth and either way my feeling won't be hurt. He typed that I did not understand what he was trying to convey or that I wanted to move on. Sounds like an ole switch-a-roo game. He told me not to text him again. Maybe I need a translator from childish to adult.

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