Saturday, May 19, 2012

I have never really been a dreamer

I have never really been a dreamer, you know. All my life I have thoughts in my head of something I would like to do and just reach for it. No matter if I move mountains or not, fear and failure never played a role in whether I underwent a task. Talk about being strange huh. I just don't see things the same way most people see them. Sometimes I don't know if that is a blessing or curse. To see the world with your imagination can spawn great invention when the time is needed. It is like, getting superpowers just when the time is right. SHAZAAM!!!!!

Being a writer has never been a dream for me. It is something I wanted to do and now look. I have a few fans that like my work and I have two books coming out soon. I just see what I want and go for it. Yes, a little preparation in the beginning would help but I love learning during the journey. I see everything as a doorway but not as a magical doorway that lead to infinite possibilities. It's more like a door of practical opportunity, that takes more than just turning the knob and walking through to make things happen. Every locked door needs a key and for those keys that break inside the lock, you need a locksmith or a good foot in the door.

I guess what I am saying is that now I am at a point where for the first time necessity calls for a superhero and something tells me I am going to see that big red cape on my back. My friend wants to start a non-profit and I mean a non-profit that actually handles problems. Somewhere in him I sparked this inspiration of gay unity and he now wants to help all teens and young adults being bullied. He has a lofty goal but I have seen him do more than I ever could. Now he wants my help and I am on this journey with him.

It is funny. If you knew my friend he always cares more about others than he does himself and I have to admit, worried as I am about making this dream happen, he is going for the gusto. So, wish us luck. As I have always said "No one can do everything by themselves." We are going to need the support of the whole gay community and any other community that cares about this issue. Look for updates on his blog. and mine. Thank you everyone that have supported me and my work. I appreciate you all.

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