Sunday, May 20, 2012

Can I be as amazing as an atheist?

So, if you don't know I am a you tube nut, which by the way I have my own you tube channel. Just look for thesoswirl on You Tube and you will find little old me. Two of my favorite you tube personalities on the web is Richard Coughlin (Coughlin616) and TJ(The Amazing Atheist). Now, I am not an atheist and my belief comes opposite of how lots of atheists feel but it comes from the same source principle.

And by no means am I trying to write this thinking that atheists are selfish but I am not self-centered enough to believe that all things unknown are just natural orders of life and leave it at that. Atheists believe if something is intangible then it really does not exist. They also believe to use there rational mind and logic, from where ever they believe it comes from, as the real teacher from which all lessons are learned.  Basically they don't want to hear about men in clouds on streets of gold because they live in a no fly zone.

Now, I can dig logic and I definitely believe in learning as much as I can. My belief comes from the fact that we are not supposed to know everything. If we knew everything then one of the most important parts of being human is taken away from us.The power of imagination and curiosity. They are wonderful things but they are not as amazing as an atheist

Notice how I reveal in atheists not Atheism. I will always believe in something more powerful than myself but atheists kind of do rock. For example, The Amazing Atheist just tells it like it is, the way he wants to and really does not give a rat's butt who listens. Either that is a true artist or the luckiest guy in the world that found his voice. Now Richard Coughlin is serious about his Atheism. He is so serious that he shreds other atheists to bits if they come with one bit of what he calls "dipshitery". He just believes that you can be roughen-proof and intelligent at the same time. Nothing wrong with that.

So, though I don't have the spirit to be an atheist, I am learning how to have the heart to be myself. Who better to teach that lesson than from someone that sees things as they are.

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