Sunday, May 6, 2012

I don't know what I want to write about

One of the things I always pride myself on is not succumbing to the bullshit. I do my best to tell things like it is. On occasion I just don't know what I want to write about. On my You Tube channel and on this blog the title is "I Got Something to Say" but sometimes I don't know where to begin. I keep it short because I can ramble on and don't know where to end the conversation as well.

No matter what I talk about you know it is going to be real because I don't know what I want to talk about most of the time. To tell you the truth, I feel that I don't reach a lot of you or touch you in a way that makes you not want to be silent. 

Well I am too average to change now. Besides if I stop talking I might miss something I really want to say and I can't think of any example worse than wasteful silence. 

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