Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How soon some of us forget where we came from

I try and follow the advice and teachings from a friend that cares about my well being. I can see him now telling me to let things go, forgive those that have done bad things unto me and forgive yourself for all the pain you feel. I tell myself all the time that those concepts are great and I do my best to live up to these principles but there is also a part of me that believes the feeling would not be so intense if I had not treated those people as I wanted to be treated.

Sometimes I think back about the circumstances I fell into with people that decided to repay my kindness with disrespect and poor annunciation. You know, there is one person that talks bad about me to everyone they can find which includes my boyfriend but he will not admit to me that he performed the action. I knew from the beginning in meeting him that he has some sort of ill odd feelings toward me but I was hoping me being an example would persuade him to see me in a different light. Now, I am already a little angry because even to this day, he still follows the same behavior but he forgot that the first time we met he asked for my help.

The first time me and this person met, he asked my boyfriend to ask me to help him get his boyfriend home safely which I was glad in doing. By my own actions I showed what kind of person I am and that is how I feel you validate a person's character. Everybody is going to be out of their character some time or another. You are going to catch people at their low periods but that low point is only a small portion of a person's total being. What gives you the right, unless you are a person that loves to talk about people and instigate, to talk bad about anybody especially someone that has been there for you?

Now, don't get me wrong, there are some people that embodies everything you don't want to be or be around. Not everybody is out wanting to help others, in fact there are some people that only care about how they are going to get over another person today. Everyday they wake up their mindset is focus on taking from someone else without caring about the consequences to anybody else. They call those people sociopaths and Atlanta does have a few people like that.

Warning a person about someone that has done you and others wrong is different than spreading bad rumors, trying to ruin the reputation of a person that has been good to you, "People quickly forget where they came" is what my mother use to tell me. People easily forget about those who helped them when they needed it until it is time to say something terrible about that same person. Then they remember that low point and harp on that fact very easily.

Emotions to get a little heated for me because it is hard to think that a person is made of such sterner stuff that they can hurt the same people they willing helped them. But it is real. How soon we forget.

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