Monday, May 21, 2012

Donna Summer really did not like gay people

So, I am reading different things on the net and came across this article on Newzar about Donner Summer not liking gay people. Now, I like her music like any other self-respecting gay man but at the end of the night it was just an illusion and rumor that she adored people.

I went on several different other sites to corroborate this information there is loads of stuff on the net that talked about her dissatisfaction with the gay community. She would be known to tell the gay members of her audience. during her concert, that she would pray for them. These are people that paid good money to see this false icon of the gay community and she would disrespect them like that.

No, I am not going to speak ill of the dead because that is not my way but we as a gay community must be more careful as who we pick to give our loyalty and devotion too. Why would I go and see an entertainer that has a problem with the way God made me? Why would I spend my money with someone that has no support for the community that I apart of? That makes no sense. That is the same as me, being a black man, going to a KKK rally and giving them my work check for the week. That is insane.

This is more than just about mistaken devotion put into an illusion heroin for gay people. This is about using common sense. If she was still living and now knowing this fact, I would not sink one thin dime of my money into her. Then I would look for gay artists to support, which means I would revert back to my gay identity and look for heroes and heroins in my own community. Donna Summer thoroughly made it clear that she does not like the gay community but I know, now that she is dead, so many gay individuals have bought her music.

Well Donna I am sorry to tell you, I like you music but this is about logically supporting my community and I won't give my money to anybody that don't support us.

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