Saturday, May 12, 2012

Totally Tyler and I are totally different

So I had some questions come to me about my book series "For the Love Of" but this one comment kind of threw me off. As everyone know, the author blogger and cool person Totally Tyler just came about with a new book about his gay dating experiences in Atlanta titled "Your Boyfriend and Other Boys I Kissed".  It details his experiences dating in Atlanta and gives his view of the city from his perception. It is a great book.

My book is totally different but there were some comments made about what kind of book I have written and that it may seem similar to Totally Tyler's book.The only thing that is similar between our books, is that we both talk about Atlanta and we are both inspired by our lives.

My books are fictional recreations of a young gay man that has this dream of living in Atlanta but he was truly not ready for what was in store. Yes, there is a lot sex and drug use mentioned in the book, Not only that but in some ways you feel like the the main character is proud to use drugs and don't want to stop. The book takes you to what I like to call the dirty, dirty side of Atlanta as a gay black man. There are some funny parts, there are some dramatic scenes that hopefully touch everybody and there will be some portions that you will understand only if you know what struggle is.

I sneaked in excerpts from my books because I wanted to show the "real" experience of Atlanta before editors came in and hacked my shit all to pieces. It might have been against my contract for $1 my publisher gave me, to do so. So if you want to check out small portions from all three books please check my previous blogs and you can get a large sample from of my book Perspective and For the Love Of(verse three) from Smashword at  I almost forgot, thank you to all my reader and fans that are supporting all my works. I hope I am dong a good job giving you information to enjoy and is useful.

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