Monday, May 14, 2012

Do you really want to hurt me?

The thing that happens when your plan does not go exactly as planned is called life. Luck favors the prepared and a little more common sense can be used by everybody. Today I have been talking to my friend about furthering the productivity of my articles and collaborating on some projects to help young gay teens with suicide prevention. It felt good to talk to somebody that cares about me being productive and want to see me venture further to have more.

I was talking to my boyfriend about the living situations and financial issues we will be in when I move back to Atlanta. Don't things always seem to switch up in the middle when those two subjects come into question or a conversation?  As usual, we had to agree to disagree about who said what and I told him it was time for us to go to bed. After four years of being together, he can't tell when he is being abrupt or sarcastic even when he text me.  

I can see a huge argument from a mile away and I have eyes in the back of my head to see crap coming from the distance. You know how when someone wants to argue and you don't argue with that person so it makes them want to argue more. They can be staring at the wall and be mad at a brick but if that wall does not answer back, it is still not their fault. Trust me, I have seen the live version of this person. 

As a relationship expert here is a little advice to all gay couples out there. Life was never created just for you to have a smooth ride. Seamless can switch from back to forth and back again but arguing with your partner about something you both are going through, will never solve a damn thing. If this is not your first rodeo together going through hard times, why not agree that you have made it through rough patches before? Why not agree you can do it again?  Agree on what you know is a fact and take it from there. Nobody gets anywhere by being mad and disrespectful to each other about a situation you both are stuck in. 

Do you really want to hurt the person you care about that much that you forget what it took for you both to get to a stable point?  Find a way to handle the problem and move on to either the next problem or the next segment of peace. 

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